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a jaeho fiction community.
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Welcome to jaeho_complex; a place for all YunJae / JaeHo related fanworks. All entries are members-locked, so join to see them. Once you're a member, follow the basic rules if you don't want to risk getting your entry deleted / posting access removed / banned from the community. Yes, we will not hesitate to do the things mentioned previously if you don't submit to our rules;

    You must have at least some interest in YunJae / JaeHo; meaning Yunho and Jaejoong as lovers, brothers, or simply friends.

    You must be aware that this is a YunJae / JaeHo community; materials being posted must contain at least 60% YunJae / JaeHo inside.

    You must know that this is a fiction community; all posts must contain fan material. Realistic material goes in jaeho_yongwonhi.

    You must understand that this is a community; personal hate, wank, and those subjects alike will not be tolerated.

Don't forget to read The Complete Set of Rules and our F.A.Q Page. We strongly suggest you to read everything there. Especially if you're going to post anything.

1st-Feb-2015 01:10 pm - [FIC] April Fools - Part 1
Yunjae xman. gif
Title: April Fools
Pairings: Yunjae, Yoosu
Ratings: PG -13
Warnings: Language
Genre: Comedy
Summary: When the prank backfires...

Part 1
12th-Jan-2015 04:24 pm - [FANFIC] The Most Beautiful Gift

Genre: Drama, Romance

Length: Chaptered
Rating: T

Summary: Just a few minutes before filing another episode of Couple Talks, Yunho and Jaejoong are involved into a fight. Hero's jelaousy has once again drove the lovely couple to the edge, since Yunho himself is not clear enough about the phone call that he recieved. Is Jae's jealousy well justified, or Yunnie's intentions are far from hurting his lover?

Part 1

11th-Nov-2014 10:11 am - Unconditional 1/2
Title: Unconditional
Author: natasyaa_ch
Lenght: Chaptered 1/2
Pairing: YunJae
Genre : Angst, Drama
Rating: G, PG
Summary: Love comes unpredictable.
When we feel the love, there is also any a feeling of want to get closer, want to hug, want to kiss, there are always there.

Sometimes, waiting is the right thing when we are afraid if the person that we love has the same feeling or not. If it's not, then it would be very awkward.

But waiting can make us regret it too.
When the opportunity to express it perhaps... is not there anymore.


Everything is happen very quickly. I couldn’t remember what clothes I wear, and what time when it was happened. I just notices that suddenly the dorm was very quite. I just sit on the bed and all the flashbacks of everything that we did together were gathered in my mind now. I don’t really like quite place, and that guy knows. I don’t really like dark place, and that guy also know it. That guy knows me very well, and also me, but here I am now. Sit alone in the dark bedroom. I really missed that guy…a lot.

Read more...Collapse )
Yunjae xman. gif
Title: A Back Talker's Secret
Pairings: Yunjae, Yoosu
Ratings: PG -13
Warnings: None
Genre: Angst, Romance, High School, Drama
Length: 5/?
Summary: How do you show your love to someone you've known for years without embarrassing yourself? Well, thats what Jaejoong and Yunho are going to find out.

Chapter 5
25th-Apr-2013 12:50 am - [FIC] North Point (1/4)

Title: N.P.
Author: countingcr0ws
Beta: liltee_jycyj
Pairing/ Characters: Yunjae
Rating: PG
Form: Four-shot
Genre: AU, Mild Supernatural, Relatively Happy, Romance, Slice of Life
Summary: Jaejoong loses his voice, and he moves back alone to stay with a childhood friend- Yunho, that he has long forgotten.
Inspired by: Banana Yoshimoto's N.P.

Part One